Buried Treasure…

OH MY GOD! It’s 2016 now and after all these years (It’s written here that it’s been more than 9 years), I found this forgotten blog of mine..

I had a travel/personal blog previously on purple-cashmere.com but it was taken down due to some complications/conflict. All my personal stuff, my years of “work” all went down the drain.. All gone just like that.. And I felt so defeated. I tried to retrieve and save whatever I could salvage back then.. But it wasn’t good enough.. It was painful for me..

Lesson learnt: Back up all the time!

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally signed up for an account here.. I tried logging in using my email and what a wonderful surprise! I do have an existing account here with well… a few posts. BUT that few posts  ignited my fire to blog again.. Partly though.. Main reason is I just want a platform to vent and store all my thoughts and events that may well be forgotten in the future.. I’m a very forgetful person..

I will be posting new stuff and will be trying to repost old posts from my previous blog. I just have to remember where I kept them.. Loads of digging to do.. But right now, I’ll be posting more about personal stuff and what I’m going through cause that is the main reason I’m blogging right now.. Im getting married and I need to relieve my stress somewhere and hopefully help others like me in the future as I’ve been searching and browsing around and I feel that it is important for me to publish and share my research with others..

So many years, so many things happened, so little time.. So here’s to future venting and sharing.. 🙂


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