Ringing in my head…

So, I will be customizing my own wedding ring..Back then, we have decided on a brown diamond ring which we saw and I loved in a store back when we were looking for the engagement ring. But of cos it comes with a hefty tag and I decided that it’s just not worth it. So I decided on a gemstone.. My mind is now set on Ruby cos it’s blood red and and it looks damn nice on a finger.

I’ve been googling for ideas on what I’m gonna stick to my finger for the rest of my life and this is definitely not an easy task for me.. Initially, I thought well, how hard can it be right? I’m a simple person who likes simple stuff.. But as I see more and more images, it gets harder and harder for me cos everything looks so pretty and well,  I’m a really fickle-minded person when it comes to making decisions.. Even my engagement ring was a chore as I was torn between 2 of them.. We ended up with this sweet looking thing..

Simple and classic with a twist.. Yellow diamonds 🙂

I’m considering these designs below but have yet to decide on final design AND if it should be in rose gold (initial plan) or black gold.. Which is nice? Decisions, decisions…

(Credit to owners.. I don’t own any of the images)


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