Coldplay’s Sold Out Concert in Singapore 2017

Ok, so I need to say my piece as I’ve been holding it in for so long… I am one of their fans who doesn’t have a ticket for their “A Head Full Of Dreams Tour”concert here in Singapore. I was unfortunately one of those people who got redirected to a virtual waiting room for the longest time ever.. And the best part was of course, coming to an unavailable page. How awesome! Well that made my whole day crappy.. It was real shitty..

Initially, I was actually thinking to myself.. Yeay, they opening up a second show here! (The first one sold out in less than 2 hours since the general sale opened!) But it shouldn’t be that hard to get my hands on them since everyone rushed for the first one already. And not forgetting that the organiser had released more tickets for that night. But Alas! The second show sold out on me again before I even had the chance to get in.. Thanks to that stupid virtual waiting room that Live Lushington Asia Singapore decided to conveniently add before you get to see the seats.. I mean seriously???!!!!! Why am I so unlucky??????? Even my friend didn’t get past that waiting room..

I’m honestly quite surprised by the popularity… I’ve never had any issue buying concert tickets like this EVER. So I thought, ok fine.. I’m just unlucky, Coldplay are just too popular now and they have too many fans here in Singapore… Which is good for them..

BUT NO, that’s not true.. Ok, maybe it’s true but that’s not the reason why it’s sold out fast! Guess what I saw just a few hours after ticket sale started?? People selling tickets online at more than half the price!! It’s been a few weeks now.. And the price has been more ridiculous than ever.. $128 tickets are going for at least $400 now.. That’s freaking daylight robbery!!! I feel sick knowing that people bought these tickets more than what they need or even worse, not having the intention to go just so they can make profits out of it. They are undeniably earning out of our misery.. I’m truly disappointed. Human can be so greedy… Sigh! The cons of the convenience of the Internet.. Right about anyone can just get what they want without having to work for it.

This is the moment where I miss those times when you have to physically queue for tickets.. People actually worked for it and earned it.. At least it’s not that painful to see people selling them online cos I know at least they worked for that profit instead of sitting or lying down comfortably facing a screen, clicking away while others suffer for their greed.. And this does not only apply for concert tickets. Same goes for NDP tickets. It used to be hard work to earn your spots to watch the parade. Now? Fucking ballots! Years gone by, and I’ve never gotten any since the ballot started.. Ya, start counting the years! And again, some people just joined the ballot for fun, got it and sold it online to make profits.. While citizens like me who really wants to watch the parade, gets to “enjoy” it at home. Sounds fair to you? Not at all! Pardon my language but I’m just so angry…. frustrated… It’s just so unfair!

Back to Coldplay, they said they will do something about these scalpers… How? By voiding the tickets sold online.. Wow! That helps! Who the hell knows if they’ll really do it. And even if it’s true, they are still at the wining end. Scalpers lose their money(but not if they manage to sell it to desperate buyers), desperate buyers will definitely lose their money (for paying overpriced tickets or for having void tickets and sellers won’t refund their money), the performer/artist will lose the capacity of their fans for the concert(unable to enter due to void tickets or didn’t get to purchase actual tickets). Who is at the top of the winning chart? The organisers of course! They’ve already got the amount of money they want.. What have they got to lose? Nothing! Do you think they care what happens after that? Do you think they care about the people’s welfare? I don’t think so.. It is a business after all isn’t it?

I seriously think we need to bring the old system back.. Earn your tickets.. Queue or whatever… Do something to get it.. Not just by clicking away. It’s far too easy and convenient for them! Or at least for the first few days or something… Just to be fair for those busy people who doesn’t really have the time to queue.. I know by this way, it will definitely decrease the amount of scalpers.  If the organisers are truly genuine in wanting to tackle this issue, there’s the solution for u.. But u and I both know they are not.. Those are just words to try to please the angry mob… I’m totally not buying it. I’d rather they do something effective and practical.

Ok, (not) enough ranting for now.. But I have to stop here before it gets too long.. I may just end up paying more just to catch Coldplay in Bangkok instead of my hometown. At least I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Thanks a lot u fuggin’ greedy scalpers!😒 Let’s hope for karma..


Signing off,

Angry and Disappointed


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