Happy 2017!

Yeah, I know I’m a lil late but well.. Got a lil busy… Happy new year!

How did I spend my New Year’s?

Every year end, we have our annual get-together, gift exchange staycation somewhere.. This year, I booked a shophouse stay from Airbnb. Its like a modern, unique hostel, with your own ensuite bedroom. Located in Geylang Lor 24a, it may not be comfortable for some as it’s in the red light district. But we had no problem with it.. Loads of food, people and entertainment around.. The room is pretty, spacious and lovely.. We loved it.

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Hmmm… Summary of 2016…

My pet Cheepy gave birth to 2 adorable naughty babies, started on an important class, revived this old blog, one of my close friends, B, is finally seeing someone after being single for a long time.. Got myself engaged to my long time bf, got ourselves our very own new car and purchased our first home.. I must say its a pretty big leap for me… Things moved so fast I couldn’t keep up..

And then 2017 arrives and so many things will be happening this year.. My BFF is giving birth to my second god-daughter very soon and will be moving in to her new home end of this year.. I’m officially gonna be an aunt as my one and only bro will be expecting his first baby very soon too… And supposedly a new home somewhere near where I’m currently staying now. One of my close friends is getting married and hopefully B will seal herself that boy she’s seeing.. Last but not least, I’m getting hitched.. In exactly 104 days, I’m gonna finally move out of my parents’ home.. Lol!

It should get pretty exciting down the road.. So many major changes coming.. Here’s to 2017! 🙂


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