Bridal Fitting..

So I came down to the bridal shop earlier this week, tried on a few outfits and chose 3 final outfits for my wedding. I took 3 hours to do so.. I came in clueless and overwhelmed.. Based on my experience, here are my tips for you to make your decisions easier, faster and most importantly with no regrets..

1) Do your homework

Photo credit to me

Browse through all their collections before you come down for your fitting.. this is to ensure that you don’t miss out anything that you will like to try on cos shop space is limited so not all their outfits are on display PLUS u can see it better when it is worn by someone else instead of hanging on the rack..


2) Wear a proper lingerie

Photo credit to owner

Lol… This may be a no brainer to some but some may be clueless… Unless you don’t mind the shop assistant seeing you in your torn or embarrassing undergarments, by all means.. (and pls shave if you have to…)


3) Take pictures after you try it on

Photo credit to owner

Get your friend, fiancé or whoever you’re with to take a picture of u in that outfit. Trust me cos sometimes you can see it better on pictures than in the mirror.. And you will not remember how you looked like in every single outfit you tried on for the last hour.. pictures help.. full length pls..


4) Be confident with your choices

Photo credit to owner

Most of them will not allow you to make changes once you’ve made your choices so choose what you love, what makes you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.. What you like may not be what you companion(s) like.. but ultimately, it is YOUR choice, it is what YOU will be wearing.. So be confident..


Well, that’s about it.. I hope it helps.. 🙂



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