38 Days…

*Delayed publish – It’s 31 days today *

OMG the time and the days are zooming past so fast that I’m starting to freak out!!!
In a blink of an eye, my friend got married last weekend and it’s gonna be my turn soon..
I’m in deep shit…. I’m panicking but at the same time I’m so cool about it (not doing anything about it…SMH) Thousand things yet to be done!

As usual, running through my checklist….
I am proud and relieved to say that my caterer has been confirmed…
Yeah, I know finally.. Phew! 😀

✅ ring
✅ venue
✅ bridal
✅ solemniser
✅ catering
✅ decor
✅ solemniser
✅ wedding cake
❌ door gifts
❌ invitation cards
❌ entertainment
❌ wedding gifts
❌ souvenirs for solemnisation
❌ egg flower
❌ betel leaves floral arrangement

Yup… still long way to go.. I have faith in myself.. -.-”
I know I can do it.. I’ll just have to withstand all the nagging and reminders from the people around me..

I’m having a hard time with the entertainment.. I need to convince my parents for a live acoustic band.. But recently, a very small part of me is gong the other way.. I’m just not too sure how it’ll work with them cos I need an emcee and stuff like that.. I don’t know. Why is it so hard for me to make decisions? Why am I so fickle and indecisive? I’m pissed at myself sometimes..

For now, I have registered the marriage at ROMM.. I was anxious and scared for nothing.. The interview was a breeze.. If you are worried or anxious like me, don’t worry.. seriously.. It’s nothing.. A job interview is probably a worse feeling.. The queue was long so it was quite a wait.. 10 people ahead of me and the whole thing took us about 1.5 hours including the waiting time.. What do you have to prepare? Just bring yourself, your partner, your wali and individual identification cards.. IF your wali is not your real dad, you will need to bring his death certificate (if he had passed on) or any other documents that shows why he cant be present.. After you’re being called to the counter, you’ll be given a folder with some form and documents.. After that, you will have to wait for your interview.
The wali will be called in first to the room and then you and your partner will go in after that. Inside, you’ll be asked simple questions and then you’ll have to raise your right hand and take the oath.. After that, you’re done! Nothing to worry about.. I got worried for nothing.. Well, that’s just me.. ever so anxious..

What else? Confirmed my cake with a home baker.. I really hope it’ll turn out well. It’s quite worrying for me as I have this fear that the baker may go missing or won’t be able to deliver on time or something goes wrong or anything. I really hope nothing will go wrong..

My cards….Ooooooooh…… Done it up.. Test printed it and had a few hiccups with textured paper..Have yet to rectify the whole problem.. Now I’m thinking of just sending it to print as it doesn’t really cost me much.. Maybe I should.. Hmmm…

I got my ring… The requested black gold ring.. Sad to say, I love the rose gold more..
Somehow or rather the whole ring looks better in rose gold rather than black gold. But anyway, both looks pretty.. I still like it.. Besides I can change it to rose gold anytime I want to.. It is a pure rose gold plated with black gold after all.. So its ok.. 🙂




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