25 days!

*gasp!* Panic mode…


✅ ring
✅ venue
✅ bridal
✅ solemniser
✅ catering
✅ decor
✅ solemniser
✅ wedding cake
✅ Entertainment
✅ souvenirs for solemnisation day
✅ betel leaves floral arrangement
✅ henna

❌ egg flower
❌ hand bouquet
❌ door gifts
❌ Wedding gifts
❌ Invitation cards


Door gifts

Have to hurry and order… it’s custom-made.. I have been so busy and brain has been overworked that I have no more creativity juice left.. But I have came out with a simple design and hoping to make order soon. Just have to pray that my supplier is reliable and they arrive on time..
Invitation cards

Designed, printed 1/4 of it.. Gonna print and cut it out soon with help.. Should be done by tonight hopefully..
Wedding gifts

Left to buy the perfume. After much thoughts into it, I have decided to buy something new (nothing I’ve bought before) and that is Moschino Stars.. Was between that and Armani Gioa.. I’m attracted to uncommon things.. 😀

The other one is the iPhone 7 plus.. Still contemplating to get red or jet black.. Red is so pretty but white face.. The black is so sleek though. And if I should recontract or jump in to Circles.. Singtel has no more point system where u collect points and claim rewards. Been with Singtel for a very long time but the service is not good.. Pluck out customer’s benefits and entitlement as and when they please, forced me to upgrade and terminate service as and when they like it.. I don’t like that.. Maybe I’ll just jump to Circle.life where there is no contract and has bigger data plans at a cheaper price.. ya, I think I’ll do that.
Egg flower

Need to get the trays from a friend and I’ll be done.. just left to arrange.. The sticky rice and eggs will be done by someone else..
Hand bouquet

I have not done any research or decided anything on this yet.. need to start looking soon!!!


Been a tiring stretch, running errands and  doing things and thinking non-stop. I need a break but can’t afford to.. sigh! Still have a lot of other things to do like song arrangements and stuff.. too many things!

I better hurry up…


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