6 Days!!!

Oh how can I stop the time?

Most of the things are done now… Left to decorate some stuff… The designing part is finally over… The second half of my wedding favour is finally done and I’m just waiting for them to arrive… The first half is done.. packed and all ready.. The reason there are 2 different favours is because what I really wanted is far too expensive… So I have to split in order to meet my budget. I simply refuse to give anything else other than that… So the ladies will have a different favour than the guys.. The kids? Well, they will have kinder joy egg surprise.. 🙂 So far, I’m satisfied with whatever that has been done.. except for my lovely lace outfit which I have sent to the tailor.. The design is different from what I expected and I look like one square lady in it.. it has no shape.. What a waste of a beautiful lace that I’ve saved up for years.. sigh!

My bridal company called me up to change my solemnisation outfit as there was a problem with it.. So I chose this pretty  flowy simple white dress.. And just as I was loving this new outfit, they call again to inform me that the outfit was unavailable and that my initial outfit is now available.. Urgh… Imagine my frustration.. So after much discussion, she said she will take the first outfit and fit with a similar scarf of the second outfit that I like. So I get the best of both worlds, yeah.. I hope it’ll turn out nice though.. I can only see it during my final fitting which is in 4 days..

My bridesmaids threw me a combined Hen night/Bachelor party for us last weekend. We wanted all girls, the proper one.. but most of them are mothers of 2 young kids so it’s hard.. It’s still fun… All you need is a good company right?

Oh and my thoughtful girls got me a pair of bridal shoes.. yay! So I can erase that off my shopping list. It was really hard for me to find one..

Although it’s a bit bigger in size and heels so high, I can suck it up and rock the walk. My legs will scream though on the day.. Oh I can’t imagine the torture I have to put them through..

So what am I left with? Hmmm…. I have yet to consolidate my song list. I have no idea what song to choose for my march in.. My wedding favours have not arrived yet. It’s late.. Wanted it by Saturday and now I don’t know if they can make it.. Sigh.. I still need to clean up my room.. That’s the terrible part.. So many things to clear lol.. Oh, and I did 2 gift trays already.. 3 more to go..

I know I should be posting more pictures.. but I barely have time now.. We have painted the room and I think we did a fine job….

I feel like I’m slowly becoming a bridezilla.. I’m anxious and worried about everything.. Thousand things I need to think about and to plan out. I’m worrying about everything all the time. From my bridesmaid dresses to my decor.. I don’t have that feeling of assurance. Arguing about my favours with the suppliers. It’s mentally exhausting.. but I feel like if I let go and let it be, I’ll get disappointed and that’s not what I paid for.. that’s obviously not what I want. Ok, I’m officially already a bridezilla now..

Gonna be super busy next week. Gotta try out the decor for the car, get the ribbons for the car doors and the convoy, henna party and my final fitting among many others.. !

I need to lose my fats in less than one week! Wish there’s a magic pill or something.. Love my food too much and too lazy to exercise.. 😓 It’s 0330hrs now.. gotta go clean my room and go finish up the trays.. Wish me luck!


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