Bangkok Trip [ Dec ’06 ]

Final trip for the year 2006! This time round, we went to BANGKOK. Yes, the land of thousand smiles. Shaaaaaw-Piiiiing!!!! This trip was my 3rd time there. Couldn’t get enough of the first & the second. (The first one was free…. sponsored by Chan Brothers.) 😀 But it was Nad & Yat’s first time.

We took Jetstar this time round, departing from Changi Airport. I have to say, I hate budget airlines… the seats are cramped & no in-flight meals..BUT I think Jetstar is the best out of all budget airlines cos the rest are all free seatings. Meaning, you’ll have to check in way early & rush to get a proper seat. Otherwise, you might be separated by your travelling partner. Okay, back to our trip. Since it was the month of December, many Christmas trees were spotted almost everywhere. The flight from Singapore to Bangkok took about almost 2 hours. So, we landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport since the Don Mueang International Airport was already closed. The new airport is way better than the old one… Still remember how bad the ventilation in the smoking room was. I swear I could choke to death… So, we were greeted by this giant white tree, just outside the airport. Took some pictures & left in one of the multi-coloured cabs. Our choice of hotel was Eastin Hotel. It was cheap + the room was good. So it was really worth it. Location was ok. You can walk to Baiyoke Sky (The tallest hotel in Bangkok) but it was quite a distance..
* This area is good for Muslims as they have a whole bunch of HALAL restaurants there

Today we went to Jatujak Market (Ever so hot…I can bet with you that your clothes will be soaked with sweat after walking). The place is soooo huge that you’ll need a whole day or two for you to cover every shop there. Madness!! In comparison with older times, the prices here have increased a lot. Prolly due to the overwhelming number of tourists. I gave up a few hours later & insisted on heading back. Later at night, we had dinner via the room service. (Oh… You have to try Grand Diamond Hotel’s fried rice from the ALA CARTE. Tasted it during my first trip. I’m still craving for it now… *Sluuuurrrp* )

We had breakfast before we left… The breakfast there is not bad… Overlooking the highway, so you can have a full view of the roads. The only downside is you’ll get sick of the food there if you are staying for a long time cos everyday is the same set of food. After that, we hopped on a cab to go to a place which I would like to call “Bugis Street” cos it has the similar feel. I forgot the road name but it is located very near to Hard Rock Cafe. If you want to go there, just tell the cab driver that you want to go to HRC. And when you drop there, just walk around the area…. you’ll find it. After shopping, we went out later that night for some entertainment. Supposedly, we planned to go Route 66 but we ended up going to a very much higher class bar located at a building’s rooftop. The view was breath-taking! We couldn’t stop cam-whoring… lol! The service there was really good… They would take off your coat & hang it for you. It was really high class… Ok, you might think that it’s expensive right?? Not…..!! It’s cheap!! It’s like the same price as the drinks @ Zouk in Singapore. Cool huh? There were sofas lined at the outer perimeter so you have an unblocked view to Bangkok City. It was just Perfect…

After breakfast, we went to Dream World… It’s like another version of Disneyland. The place was so packed with humans! And it’s damn hot…! AAaaah……so many places & things to take pictures with… We took some rides, took pictures, go-karts, play pool, took pictures, eat lunch at a special place just for tourists (yes, they lurveee us!), went to the Haunted House (not very scary but some people went out crying..don’t know why..), took pictures again.. went to Snow Town, touched some fishes & visited the 7 Wonders of The World. (There’s a section where the miniature statues of the 7 wonders inside.)

Took a mini bus to the Victory Monument… There’s a market there but it didn’t seem interesting so we took off & got a cab to Suan Lum. This place is like Jatujak BUT less crowded, more spaces to walk & waaay cooler… Cos it’s a night market. There was also a giant ferris wheel so we took a ride just to suck up the view & to preview & estimate how far we were going to walk. 😛

Last day!! We wanted to extend our holiday but it was quite impossible… We felt sucky cos there was still so much more places to go! So many places, so little time… *Sigh* There’s still Safari World, Dinner Cruise @ Chao Phraya River, farms… so many to list! Perhaps next trip huh?? Hehe…..

* The next day after we left, news headline – “Bomb exploded at the Victory Monument Area”. It was New Year’s Eve. We were damn lucky for deciding not to extend our stay. Otherwise, maybe I wouldn’t be able to write this.


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