138 Days Since….

Pardon my hiatus as I was busy adjusting myself to this new life of mine..
As you can expect, quite a number of things happened to me within this 4 months.. Things have changed a lot.. Meetings and signings and so many tasks to do..

I have started working full time as of July.. Surprise! So yeah, lesser time for me now..
It has been 9 years since I’ve worked full-time and I sure need a lot of energy to get myself motivated for work everyday.. No, it’s not under the creative line like before and it’s just admin/accounts work so you can imagine all those papers and digits I have to see everyday. It gets tiring sometimes.. but my working hours are very flexible so I am very thankful and lucky for that.

What else happened? I went on my mini moon in May to somewhere familiar not too far away.. There’s nothing much to talk about there as it was just a short getaway right before the arrival of Ramadhan. Oh wait.. There is something to talk about.. Ok, will try to write on that one.. Then Eid came. First tiring Eid ever in my whole adult life as he has a big family while mine is super small and tight. National day / my parents’ anniversary… Had a few staycations with the family and more short holidays.. I’ll try to write about one of the stays if I don’t have too much backloads. Had a major drama episode with my clique and we had a fallout. Oh and there was this hyped Nasi Lemak stall with lobster going on and yeah, I tried that too.. Again, will try to write on that.. And finally my birthday just passed so I decided to go on a trip since I don’t have any reason to stay for my celebration like usual anyway.. I WILL write on that soon.. not about the drama but the trip lol..

So yeah, basically that’s what’s happened so far.. Till next post..

p/s: When I say I’ll try, don’t put too much hope cause as it is, I have so many backloads..
but I will try to make it happen.. Happy weekend! 🙂


Ms to Mrs…

The big day came and gone… The wedding was held last weekend. Solemnisation/Nikah was held on Saturday, 29th April and reception/sanding was held the next day. As expected, of course there’ll be hiccups here and there but despite it all, things went well.. I couldn’t be more happier with our entourage, my bridesmaids and the groomsmen. They have been supporting us and helping us throughout the whole process, overlooked things to ensure it was smooth-sailing. Without them, it would have been a disaster.. What can I say? They have been awesome.. my best peaches.. It was pretty tiring for me with not enough sleep as up till the day of event itself, I still had things to settle.. but it’s all good now.. 🙂

Many things did not go as planned… from my decor, to my cake and many other things but I decided that I did not want to be a bridezilla on that day and kick up a fuss which will spoil everyone’s mood..

Here’s a recap of the events leading to the big day (forget about the errands running around back and forth here and there and the gift trays and ribbons I had to complete):

On Wednesday, I had my final fitting, 3 days before the event.. everything was good on my side.. We had to carry them all back to our houses.. damn heavy! He had his suit changed last minute, the day before the solemnisation because he decided he did not like the gray suit. Luckily the bridal company allowed him to..


Thursday, my henna night! My girls came over and we had a mini party till late night.. We chatted, watched movies, ate some food as they kept me company while I was doing my bridal henna. I finished my henna at 3am.. it was a looong night.. I hate the process.. once it’s on, ur hands and legs are deemed useless.. And it doesn’t smell nice too..

Leaving henna crumbs all over..

So I had to leave them overnight. I’m fidgety.. even peeled off some of the capping just so I can use my fingers.. 😁 Anyway, here’s the outcome.. I forgot to take a picture of my palm 😅

It’s been 9 days since… and I’m still tired from the wedding.. Will post more on the event next.. Till next time…

6 Days!!!

Oh how can I stop the time?

Most of the things are done now… Left to decorate some stuff… The designing part is finally over… The second half of my wedding favour is finally done and I’m just waiting for them to arrive… The first half is done.. packed and all ready.. The reason there are 2 different favours is because what I really wanted is far too expensive… So I have to split in order to meet my budget. I simply refuse to give anything else other than that… So the ladies will have a different favour than the guys.. The kids? Well, they will have kinder joy egg surprise.. 🙂 So far, I’m satisfied with whatever that has been done.. except for my lovely lace outfit which I have sent to the tailor.. The design is different from what I expected and I look like one square lady in it.. it has no shape.. What a waste of a beautiful lace that I’ve saved up for years.. sigh!

My bridal company called me up to change my solemnisation outfit as there was a problem with it.. So I chose this pretty  flowy simple white dress.. And just as I was loving this new outfit, they call again to inform me that the outfit was unavailable and that my initial outfit is now available.. Urgh… Imagine my frustration.. So after much discussion, she said she will take the first outfit and fit with a similar scarf of the second outfit that I like. So I get the best of both worlds, yeah.. I hope it’ll turn out nice though.. I can only see it during my final fitting which is in 4 days..

My bridesmaids threw me a combined Hen night/Bachelor party for us last weekend. We wanted all girls, the proper one.. but most of them are mothers of 2 young kids so it’s hard.. It’s still fun… All you need is a good company right?

Oh and my thoughtful girls got me a pair of bridal shoes.. yay! So I can erase that off my shopping list. It was really hard for me to find one..

Although it’s a bit bigger in size and heels so high, I can suck it up and rock the walk. My legs will scream though on the day.. Oh I can’t imagine the torture I have to put them through..

So what am I left with? Hmmm…. I have yet to consolidate my song list. I have no idea what song to choose for my march in.. My wedding favours have not arrived yet. It’s late.. Wanted it by Saturday and now I don’t know if they can make it.. Sigh.. I still need to clean up my room.. That’s the terrible part.. So many things to clear lol.. Oh, and I did 2 gift trays already.. 3 more to go..

I know I should be posting more pictures.. but I barely have time now.. We have painted the room and I think we did a fine job….

I feel like I’m slowly becoming a bridezilla.. I’m anxious and worried about everything.. Thousand things I need to think about and to plan out. I’m worrying about everything all the time. From my bridesmaid dresses to my decor.. I don’t have that feeling of assurance. Arguing about my favours with the suppliers. It’s mentally exhausting.. but I feel like if I let go and let it be, I’ll get disappointed and that’s not what I paid for.. that’s obviously not what I want. Ok, I’m officially already a bridezilla now..

Gonna be super busy next week. Gotta try out the decor for the car, get the ribbons for the car doors and the convoy, henna party and my final fitting among many others.. !

I need to lose my fats in less than one week! Wish there’s a magic pill or something.. Love my food too much and too lazy to exercise.. 😓 It’s 0330hrs now.. gotta go clean my room and go finish up the trays.. Wish me luck!

25 days!

*gasp!* Panic mode…


✅ ring
✅ venue
✅ bridal
✅ solemniser
✅ catering
✅ decor
✅ solemniser
✅ wedding cake
✅ Entertainment
✅ souvenirs for solemnisation day
✅ betel leaves floral arrangement
✅ henna

❌ egg flower
❌ hand bouquet
❌ door gifts
❌ Wedding gifts
❌ Invitation cards


Door gifts

Have to hurry and order… it’s custom-made.. I have been so busy and brain has been overworked that I have no more creativity juice left.. But I have came out with a simple design and hoping to make order soon. Just have to pray that my supplier is reliable and they arrive on time..
Invitation cards

Designed, printed 1/4 of it.. Gonna print and cut it out soon with help.. Should be done by tonight hopefully..
Wedding gifts

Left to buy the perfume. After much thoughts into it, I have decided to buy something new (nothing I’ve bought before) and that is Moschino Stars.. Was between that and Armani Gioa.. I’m attracted to uncommon things.. 😀

The other one is the iPhone 7 plus.. Still contemplating to get red or jet black.. Red is so pretty but white face.. The black is so sleek though. And if I should recontract or jump in to Circles.. Singtel has no more point system where u collect points and claim rewards. Been with Singtel for a very long time but the service is not good.. Pluck out customer’s benefits and entitlement as and when they please, forced me to upgrade and terminate service as and when they like it.. I don’t like that.. Maybe I’ll just jump to Circle.life where there is no contract and has bigger data plans at a cheaper price.. ya, I think I’ll do that.
Egg flower

Need to get the trays from a friend and I’ll be done.. just left to arrange.. The sticky rice and eggs will be done by someone else..
Hand bouquet

I have not done any research or decided anything on this yet.. need to start looking soon!!!


Been a tiring stretch, running errands and  doing things and thinking non-stop. I need a break but can’t afford to.. sigh! Still have a lot of other things to do like song arrangements and stuff.. too many things!

I better hurry up…

38 Days…

*Delayed publish – It’s 31 days today *

OMG the time and the days are zooming past so fast that I’m starting to freak out!!!
In a blink of an eye, my friend got married last weekend and it’s gonna be my turn soon..
I’m in deep shit…. I’m panicking but at the same time I’m so cool about it (not doing anything about it…SMH) Thousand things yet to be done!

As usual, running through my checklist….
I am proud and relieved to say that my caterer has been confirmed…
Yeah, I know finally.. Phew! 😀

✅ ring
✅ venue
✅ bridal
✅ solemniser
✅ catering
✅ decor
✅ solemniser
✅ wedding cake
❌ door gifts
❌ invitation cards
❌ entertainment
❌ wedding gifts
❌ souvenirs for solemnisation
❌ egg flower
❌ betel leaves floral arrangement

Yup… still long way to go.. I have faith in myself.. -.-”
I know I can do it.. I’ll just have to withstand all the nagging and reminders from the people around me..

I’m having a hard time with the entertainment.. I need to convince my parents for a live acoustic band.. But recently, a very small part of me is gong the other way.. I’m just not too sure how it’ll work with them cos I need an emcee and stuff like that.. I don’t know. Why is it so hard for me to make decisions? Why am I so fickle and indecisive? I’m pissed at myself sometimes..

For now, I have registered the marriage at ROMM.. I was anxious and scared for nothing.. The interview was a breeze.. If you are worried or anxious like me, don’t worry.. seriously.. It’s nothing.. A job interview is probably a worse feeling.. The queue was long so it was quite a wait.. 10 people ahead of me and the whole thing took us about 1.5 hours including the waiting time.. What do you have to prepare? Just bring yourself, your partner, your wali and individual identification cards.. IF your wali is not your real dad, you will need to bring his death certificate (if he had passed on) or any other documents that shows why he cant be present.. After you’re being called to the counter, you’ll be given a folder with some form and documents.. After that, you will have to wait for your interview.
The wali will be called in first to the room and then you and your partner will go in after that. Inside, you’ll be asked simple questions and then you’ll have to raise your right hand and take the oath.. After that, you’re done! Nothing to worry about.. I got worried for nothing.. Well, that’s just me.. ever so anxious..

What else? Confirmed my cake with a home baker.. I really hope it’ll turn out well. It’s quite worrying for me as I have this fear that the baker may go missing or won’t be able to deliver on time or something goes wrong or anything. I really hope nothing will go wrong..

My cards….Ooooooooh…… Done it up.. Test printed it and had a few hiccups with textured paper..Have yet to rectify the whole problem.. Now I’m thinking of just sending it to print as it doesn’t really cost me much.. Maybe I should.. Hmmm…

I got my ring… The requested black gold ring.. Sad to say, I love the rose gold more..
Somehow or rather the whole ring looks better in rose gold rather than black gold. But anyway, both looks pretty.. I still like it.. Besides I can change it to rose gold anytime I want to.. It is a pure rose gold plated with black gold after all.. So its ok.. 🙂



52 days…

Sigh 52 more days to go and I barely have anything done.. Barely any progress from the last update..


✅ ring
✅ venue
✅ bridal
✅ solemniser

❌ catering
❌ decor
❌ door gifts
❌ wedding cake
❌ invitation cards
❌ entertainment
❌ wedding gifts
❌ souvenirs for solemnisation
❌ egg flower
❌ betel leaves floral arrangement

I’ve yet to confirm on my catering but I have one in mind which I will confirm soon.. It’s a whole package so if that’s down, decor will be down as well.. which means the major part will be done.

My door gifts is a headache.. Cant seem to get a good bargain but if that doesn’t work well, I have a backup plan..

Wedding cake, hmmmm… another headache.. didn’t know it can cost so much for a 3-tier cake.. I am exploring all possibilities.. I will post up one on my wedding cake soon..

Invitation cards! This, I will de designing and printing myself.. It is almost done… Looking forward to see the outcome. Oh and I need to go get envelopes as well..

Entertainment hmmm… I’m trying to get myself a live acoustic band.. still liaising with one and possibly need to look for others in case this one doesn’t work.. worst case scenario, just get whatever possibly crappy dj/emcee & karaoke system.. I haven’t told my family about this part yet..

Wedding gifts I still have so much to buy still.. not as easy as I thought.. it’s so hard getting the pretty, perfect ones..

Souvenirs for the solemnisation day is just potpourris.. I have got the bottles but still some more things to complete it and of course, the main ingredient..

Flower Eggs I have bought some but I need to get another type just so it doesn’t look boring..

Betel leaves arrangement I have a few choices which I haven’t enquiry yet.. I’ll get to it hopefully soon…

Ok, that’s about it for now.. Oh I met my jeweller yesterday and the ring looks good and I love it.. just that he forgot the black gold part.. So that’s another week of waiting (which I don’t mind). I know there are things that I don’t have to put so much attention and pressure on but I hate that I’m just such a perfectionist and a bargain hunter… Oh wells… That’s just me…. 😕

Bridal Fitting..

So I came down to the bridal shop earlier this week, tried on a few outfits and chose 3 final outfits for my wedding. I took 3 hours to do so.. I came in clueless and overwhelmed.. Based on my experience, here are my tips for you to make your decisions easier, faster and most importantly with no regrets..

1) Do your homework

Photo credit to me

Browse through all their collections before you come down for your fitting.. this is to ensure that you don’t miss out anything that you will like to try on cos shop space is limited so not all their outfits are on display PLUS u can see it better when it is worn by someone else instead of hanging on the rack..


2) Wear a proper lingerie

Photo credit to owner

Lol… This may be a no brainer to some but some may be clueless… Unless you don’t mind the shop assistant seeing you in your torn or embarrassing undergarments, by all means.. (and pls shave if you have to…)


3) Take pictures after you try it on

Photo credit to owner

Get your friend, fiancé or whoever you’re with to take a picture of u in that outfit. Trust me cos sometimes you can see it better on pictures than in the mirror.. And you will not remember how you looked like in every single outfit you tried on for the last hour.. pictures help.. full length pls..


4) Be confident with your choices

Photo credit to owner

Most of them will not allow you to make changes once you’ve made your choices so choose what you love, what makes you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.. What you like may not be what you companion(s) like.. but ultimately, it is YOUR choice, it is what YOU will be wearing.. So be confident..


Well, that’s about it.. I hope it helps.. 🙂