138 Days Since….

Pardon my hiatus as I was busy adjusting myself to this new life of mine..
As you can expect, quite a number of things happened to me within this 4 months.. Things have changed a lot.. Meetings and signings and so many tasks to do..

I have started working full time as of July.. Surprise! So yeah, lesser time for me now..
It has been 9 years since I’ve worked full-time and I sure need a lot of energy to get myself motivated for work everyday.. No, it’s not under the creative line like before and it’s just admin/accounts work so you can imagine all those papers and digits I have to see everyday. It gets tiring sometimes.. but my working hours are very flexible so I am very thankful and lucky for that.

What else happened? I went on my mini moon in May to somewhere familiar not too far away.. There’s nothing much to talk about there as it was just a short getaway right before the arrival of Ramadhan. Oh wait.. There is something to talk about.. Ok, will try to write on that one.. Then Eid came. First tiring Eid ever in my whole adult life as he has a big family while mine is super small and tight. National day / my parents’ anniversary… Had a few staycations with the family and more short holidays.. I’ll try to write about one of the stays if I don’t have too much backloads. Had a major drama episode with my clique and we had a fallout. Oh and there was this hyped Nasi Lemak stall with lobster going on and yeah, I tried that too.. Again, will try to write on that.. And finally my birthday just passed so I decided to go on a trip since I don’t have any reason to stay for my celebration like usual anyway.. I WILL write on that soon.. not about the drama but the trip lol..

So yeah, basically that’s what’s happened so far.. Till next post..

p/s: When I say I’ll try, don’t put too much hope cause as it is, I have so many backloads..
but I will try to make it happen.. Happy weekend! 🙂


Ms to Mrs…

The big day came and gone… The wedding was held last weekend. Solemnisation/Nikah was held on Saturday, 29th April and reception/sanding was held the next day. As expected, of course there’ll be hiccups here and there but despite it all, things went well.. I couldn’t be more happier with our entourage, my bridesmaids and the groomsmen. They have been supporting us and helping us throughout the whole process, overlooked things to ensure it was smooth-sailing. Without them, it would have been a disaster.. What can I say? They have been awesome.. my best peaches.. It was pretty tiring for me with not enough sleep as up till the day of event itself, I still had things to settle.. but it’s all good now.. 🙂

Many things did not go as planned… from my decor, to my cake and many other things but I decided that I did not want to be a bridezilla on that day and kick up a fuss which will spoil everyone’s mood..

Here’s a recap of the events leading to the big day (forget about the errands running around back and forth here and there and the gift trays and ribbons I had to complete):

On Wednesday, I had my final fitting, 3 days before the event.. everything was good on my side.. We had to carry them all back to our houses.. damn heavy! He had his suit changed last minute, the day before the solemnisation because he decided he did not like the gray suit. Luckily the bridal company allowed him to..


Thursday, my henna night! My girls came over and we had a mini party till late night.. We chatted, watched movies, ate some food as they kept me company while I was doing my bridal henna. I finished my henna at 3am.. it was a looong night.. I hate the process.. once it’s on, ur hands and legs are deemed useless.. And it doesn’t smell nice too..

Leaving henna crumbs all over..

So I had to leave them overnight. I’m fidgety.. even peeled off some of the capping just so I can use my fingers.. 😁 Anyway, here’s the outcome.. I forgot to take a picture of my palm 😅

It’s been 9 days since… and I’m still tired from the wedding.. Will post more on the event next.. Till next time…

Best Looking Christmas Log Cakes 2016

It’s that time of the year again when I have to look for log cakes… I personally love to browse lists instead of going to their own site one by one so here’s my own personal list based on my research so far.. In Singapore. I have NOT tasted any of these cakes so this is based on looks and ingredients (whichever sounds yummy and not weird.. Be warned though, I’m a sucker for chocolates so it may be a little bias =D)

Disclaimer: Credits to respective owners of images and text.. I do not own any of the images and some text are directly taken from source.

Top 10 prettiest/delicious looking log cakes in Singapore:

(1) Mad About Sucre
    27 Teo Hong Road, Tel: (65)6221-3969. Last Order: 13th Dec 2016.

Oops, the reindeer is stuck in my chimney cake (16cm, 25cm, 33cm)

Choice of 2 flavours: Caribbean rum, French chestnut, light French caramel & dark chocolate OR French chestnut, French caramel and rum.
Available in small (sgd90+), medium (sgd140+) and large size (sgd180+)


(2) Mad About Sucre
    27 Teo Hong Road, Tel: (65)6221-3969. Last Order: 13th Dec 2016.

Reindeer White Log Cake (16cm, 25cm, 33cm)

An all-white log cake concocted with very popular ingredients of Japanese Yuzu and premium white chocolate.
Available in small (sgd80+), medium (sgd130+) and large size (sgd160+)


(3) Regent Singapore Hotel
    1 Cuscaden Road Singapore 249715, Tel: (65) 6725-3244. Until 1st Jan 2017.

Amedei Dark Chocolate, Almond, Hazelnut and Cherry Christmas Surprise, 1kg (Sgd108)

Encased in an intricate chocolate box with a gold-dusted chocolate ribbon over is the almond chocolate sponge layered with 70% dark chocolate mousse, Morello cherry confit and Gianduja amaretto supreme, and covered with a tangy blackberry glaze. A crunchy chocolate hazelnut crumble base adds delightful textures to the cake.


(4) The St Regis Singapore
    29 Tanglin Road Singapore 247911,  Tel: (65) 6506-6860. Until 25th Dec 2016.

Signature Chocolate Yule Log with Gold Flakes, 750g (Sgd68)

Thick, dark chocolate ganache amidst the Viennese cocoa Swiss rolls covered with chocolate shards. A definite choice for chocolate lovers!


(5) Mandarin Orchard Hotel
    333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867,  Tel: (65) 6831-6272. Until 31st Dec 2016.

Signature Valrhona Delicious Dulcey Yule Log, 1kg (Sgd80)

Making a sweet comeback, chocolate lovers are sure to appreciate this perfect ensemble of chocolate cremeux and sweet and salty hazelnuts on moist flourless sponge, topped with praline mousse.


(6) Swensens
     Last order: 14th Dec 2016 (online), 17th Dec 2016 (walk-in)

Rocher Nirvana (Sgd58)

Rich yet creamy Rocher hazelnut ice cream studded with crushed almonds decorated with macarons and chocolate truffle will make your taste buds yearn for more.


(7) Goodwood Park Hotel
     22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221,  Tel: (65) 6730-1867/68. Until 26th Dec 2016.

Salted Caramel Nuts Cake, 500g (Sgd42)

This sturdy serving of caramel pound cake layered with creamy salted caramel and almonds is generously coated with a nutty milk chocolate glaze, decorated with whole almonds and dainty dark chocolate squares.


(8) Intercontinental Hotel Singapore
     80 Middle Road Singapore 188966,  Tel: (65) 6338-7600. Until 22nd Dec 2016.

(Sugar-free) Framboise of the Wild Forest, 1kg (Sgd68)

A guilt-free choice which comprises a chocolate mousse, sugar-free chocolate ganache, centred with a raspberry confit atop a crunchy chocolate biscuit base.


(9) Antoinette
    30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188, Tel: (65) 6293-3121. While stocks last.
     Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34 Singapore 238897, Tel: (65) 6836-9527.

Antoinette (Sgd55, Sgd110)

Milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, layered with dark chocolate earl grey tea cremeux, hazelnut feullitine with earl grey tea crumble, chocolate genoise and raspberry sphere.


(10) Intercontinental Hotel Singapore
      80 Middle Road Singapore 188966,  Tel: (65) 6338-7600. Until 22nd Dec 2016.

Pink Snow (Sgd68)

An orange sponge cake set within layers of Vanilla Bavarois, Wild Strawberry Gelee and House-Made Orange Marmalade, the creation is finished atop a base of white crispy biscuit for an added touch of crisp.


I just have to add this in cause it just looks too damn pretty and a waste not to be in the list..

(11) Antoinette
    30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188, Tel: (65) 6293-3121. While stocks last.
    Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34 Singapore 238897, Tel: (65) 6836-9527.

Red Rosette (Sgd150)

Chocolate cake, light chocolate ganache, orange confit, almond nougatine
and dark chocolate chantilly.