Malaysia Road Trip I [ July 2006 ]

The Fantastic 4 had been putting off the Malaysia Road Trip for quite some time.
So finally, we made it happen in July 2006 in collaboration with one of my bud’s birthday.
For this trip, yes……….. something major cock-up happened..

SGD – MYR rate = 2.28 & SGD – THB = 23

States covered : Johor Bahru, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Hatyai, Penang & Kuala Lumpur.
Total Expenditure (Accomodation & Transport): S$601.35


10th July 2006

  • 0110hrs – Depart from Bukit Batok in our KIA Carens central towards Johor Bahru.
    Took PIE – BKE (Woodlands).
  • 0143hrs – Reached Tuas Checkpoint. Paid S$3.70 for the toll.
  • 0148hrs – Reached Johor Checkpoint. Now we are in need of an R&R to watch soccer. C’mon people! It’s the World Cup ’06. Showdown between France & Italy.
  • 0151hrs – At Plaza Tol Tanjung Kupang, paid RM8.40 & proceeded to Machap, 87km ahead.
  • 0203hrs – Another toll….This time it’s called Plaza Tol Lima Kedai. RM3.10 gone.
  • 0208hrs – What?? Another toll?? Oh ok… It’s to take a ticket @ Plaza Tol Baru Senai.
    Our speed currently is between 100-120km/h.
  • 0240hrs – Sigh! Arrived at Plaza Tol Machap, paid RM7.70 & u-turned cos wrong exit.
  • 0244hrs – Oh….Finally! We stopped at Kawasan Rehat Machap. Well, we missed the first half.
    The score was France 1 Italy 1. I support Italy by the way.
    Okay, just in case you want to know… I am helpful you know… ;P
    I bought Laksa Penang for RM2 from Stall 6.
    Jaz bought Mi Rebus for RM2.30 from Stall 2. Do not buy these 2.. NOT RECOMMENDED!
    Yat bought mi hun soto for
    for RM2.30 from Stall 9. Ok, this is not bad…
    We bought a cup of tea, which apparently taste bland.
  • 0446hrs – Left Machap to Genting Highlands. It’s starting to rain heavily now.
    Oh anyway, Italy won. 1-1 (Full time) & 5-3 (penalty)
  • 0533hrs – We changed our route.. Instead of Genting, we proceeded to Fraser’s Hill by KLIA side,
    to avoid possible jams in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 0600hrs – Stop at Petronas Ayer Keroh. Pumped Primax 3 for RM60.
  • 0610hrs – So we continued our journey.
  • 0735hrs Plaza Tol Sungei Buloh. RM37.90 less from our funds. Damn bumpy roads + massive jam!!
    The road is bad!! There a loads of holes & cracks…
    * If you turn left at the junction ahead, you’ll reach Batu Caves.
  • 0815hrs – We are lost!!!! We are now at Putrajaya. And it’s all because of the detours shit.
    So, now we are asking people around. (It’s not true that guys won’t ask for directions ok?)
  • 0913hrs Plaza Tol Tanjung Malim. RM8.80.
    From here, you turn right at the traffic light & go straight ahead.
  • 0921hrs – Fuel meter shows slightly half now. So we stopped at Caltex & fill up
    RM44 worth of 97 Gold with Techron petrol.
  • 0924hrs – Journey continues….
  • 0949hrs – We are at a place called Splash. Beautiful scenery!
    There’s a dam, lake…. very nice! Too bad I do not have a DSLR with me..
    Just me and my Canon iXus 40, which cost me over $600 at the time!! What a waste! Pics below.

At Splash

  • 1000hrs – Depart to Fraser’s Hill.
  • 1122hrs – Reached Fraser’s Hill. The weather’s good! It’s cold & windy…
    Of course it is, cos we are at the top of a hill.. The journey to the top, OH MY GOODNESS!!
    A long, winding road!!! And Yat, the current driver drove so fast he almost made me puke!
    Okay, so we stopped for brunch @ Mimi Taman Strawberi & Kafe.
    Jaz, Yat & Nad ate Nasi Lemak Ayam – Kinda hard but tasted ok.
    I ate Mee Goreng – Bland & pepperish but tasted good at the moment.
    After eating & cam-whoring with the mini strawberry plants, we took a few brochures from a centre across.

  • 1243hrs – Drove to lil’ “Big Ben“.
  • 1244hrs – Reached the place. Very mini!
  • 1310hrs – Departed to Cherating.
  • 1630hrs – Stop for a rest at Temerloh.
  • 1710hrs – Went over to Shell opposite to fill up RM30 worth of Super fuel.
    We bought a map here so that hopefully we wouldn’t get lost again!!
  • 1719hrs – Left the place.
  • 1814hrs Plaza Tol KuantanRM19.60
    Toilet Break !!
  • 1820hrs – Journey continues….
  • 1945hrs – Reached Cherating Beach…. Waaaaaay behind time.
    We kinda lost our way again & guess what? We saw a headless cow at the roadside!
    Had dinner @ Bulan which is beside the Legends Resort.
    All of us ate Nasi Pattaya, Daging Merah, Tomyam Soup & Chicken.
    Overall, the food tasted quite nice.. RM32 for all including drinks!!

Bulan @ Cherating Beach

  • 2221hrs – We left the place. Oh, I have to mention this…
    The servers there are mostly transvestite. After much talking &
    revision of our itinerary (Yes, we have one! You have to have one),
    we proceeded to Club Med to watch penyu (tortoise).
  • 2236hrs – Arrived at the Penyu Centre, right beside the Club Med’s gate.
    To our disappointment, we were told that we had just missed it &
    the next timing will be at 3-4am!!!
  • 2300hrs – Left the place. Now we are looking for a motel or wherever to sleep
    for about 3 hours.
  • 2305hrs – We checked the map. There are no cheap hotels.
    So we decided to sleep in the car, parked at the nearest R&R.
  • 2330hrs – Changed our mind…(yes, many times)
    Now we are back at the Bulan “carpark”.
    Girls have to stay awake while guys sleep in the car.. haha!
    Nad enjoys it…. playing with her sylum “much anxiously waiting for
    a good time to use” stick… She finally got it.
    We had a lil’ picnic outside the car, beside the beach, eating fries, drinking & talking.

11th July 2006

  • 0303hrs – Drove to the Penyu Centre again.
  • 0311hrs – Arrived. The guys continue to sleep cos the sea level has not fully raised yet.
    The waiting continues…. Turns out I’m the only one awake & anxious…
  • 0517hrs – Oh, where are all the penyus??? I saw nothing!! What a loser!
    Left the place & proceeded to Jeram Pasu Waterfall.
  • 0525hrs – After stopping over at Jeram Pasu, we stopped at Petronas for petrol Primax 3 – RM55
    We didn’t really go in & see the waterfall cos the guys read the plaque at the entrance & realised that it was a man-made waterfall.
  • 0535hrs – Journey continues…
  • 1200hrs – I think this is the 3rd time we got lost…
    Reached Terengganu, Astaka Shopping Centre.
  • 1451hrs – Filled up RM57 worth of Synergy Regular @ Esso Kuala Terengganu.
    Left for Duyong.
  • 1515hrs – Reached Pulau Duyong. The new chalet has not been built yet & is still under construction.
    The security guard mentioned that the place might be open in August or September.
  • 1530hrs We tried to go to Alwi Chalet but to no avail.
    So we ended up at a humble coffeshop to eat, drink & plan the route again.
  • 1620hrs – Left the place & headed to Kelantan.
  • 2050hrs RM50 worth of fuel top up at the 1st petrol station at the S-bend in Perak.
    I can’t remember which petrol station but I think it’s Petronas.
  • 2108hrs – Departed to Kedah
  • 2154hrs – Arrived Kedah, Hentian Batu Dua.
    Bought Mee Goreng, Maggie Soup, Bee Hoon Soup & Tomyam.
    It was a decent, acceptable meal for RM14.20
    Oh, I left out the part where I always charge my camcorder at almost every stop.
    The people are generous, mind you!
  • 2315hrs – Journey continues…

12th July 2006

  • 0309hrs – Reached Putra Palace Hotel, Kangar @ Perlis. Passed Plaza Tol Alor Setar earlier. RM7.20
    We actually asked the lobby staff for assistance for a cab to enter Hatyai.
    We were told to wait till 7am to inform the taxi driver who was sleeping at the moment.
    * The Thai-Malaysia border closes at 9pm-7am. And if you are driving in, you must be the owner of the vehicle & you must have the legal docs to support.
  • 0515hrs – Washed up @ Putra Palace & drove around to have breakfast nearby.
  • 0545hrs – Settled at a stall behind the bus terminal. There are so many cute kittens! I liiiiike…
    Okay, we ate Nasi Lemak. it was alright.
  • 0638hrs – Left the place.
  • 0650hrs – Back at the hotel.

  • 0712hrs – We got a cab to Hatyai. Our driver was Hafiz… nice chap. The trip costs RM39.
  • 0838hrs – Woohoooo!! Here in Thailand!
    Well, here’s what happened…There were 4 road blocks!
    We had to stop, get out, get in again, stop, move to another place, blah blah…Y???
    It’s all thanks to a malaysian custom officer who chopped our passport wrongly!!
    Instead of 10th July 2006, he stamped our passport 10th June 2006!
    For your info, we are only allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 days only.
    Oh, the humiliation of being called illegal immigrants.. *sigh*
    Jaz & I have evidence to prove that our passports were stamped wrongly as we had
    entered and exited Malaysia earlier. But Nad & Yat did not have any..
    Nad already had this scene of them being behind bars crying…haha!
    We had to go to the control office & talked & talked & luckily,
    a very kind lady re-stamped our passports. Thank you lady!!!
  • 0845hrs – Reached Padang Besar, Thailand & bought a map of Thailand. *hint-hint* for THB20.
    We had to give the custom officer some money at the checkpoint for borrowing his pen… =\
  • 0900hrs – Board a bus to Hatyai for THB39 per person.
    Oh swells!! The bus is moving oh so very, very slowly!!
    And it has a few stops to board / alight passengers along the way.
    But the bus is cool….haha! It is so colourful with a karaoke TV blasting their songs.

  • 1028hrs – Arrived at Hatyai Bus Station.
  • 1104hrs – Checked in at Lee Gardens Plaza, the tallest hotel in Hatyai.
    We took a superior room, which was booked by an agent just across the street.
    Booking with an agent is cheaper than booking with the hotel directly, trust me!
    The rates I got was THB1060 incl bf (Agent) & THB1149 incl bf (Hotel).

Lee Gardens Hotel Swimming Pool

  • 1145hrs – Went in the room & rest for awhile.
    We planned to meet up again at 1pm to go Songkhla.
  • 2030hrs – Overslept!!! Shucks!! We just woke up…We missed Songkhla!
    There goes my beach & my mermaid statues…
    So, we changed our plan & decided to go watch a Cabaret or Thai Girl Show @ Heritage Hotel.
  • 2214hrs – Headed out after showering… (Yes, if you hadn’t noticed, we didn’t shower for 3 days!)
    But we still smell alright cos nobody complained…haha!
  • 2219hrs – Took a tuk-tuk to Heritage Hotel.
  • 2222hrs – Reached Heritage Hotel but it was closed..
    Apparently there was some raid going on or something.
  • 2225hrs – Arrived at our hotel. We tried to watch other shows but they were all
    closed due to the police raid. What luck!! *Bawl*
  • 2230hrs – Had dinner at Salma, right behind our hotel. I ate Kway Teow Goreng,
    which is not that nice, very bland (How come I always get the not nice one??).
    Jaz ate Nasi Goreng Sultan Ayam Goreng, which tasted like curry rice with small
    bits of fried chicken. nad had Nasi Pattaya which she said nice.
    Finally, Yat ate Kway Teow Hailam, which he claimed was nice also.
  • 2331hrs – Left the place to venture some more.
  • 2340hrs – Took a tuk-tuk infront of Pink Lady to High Society Club,
    where supposedly a Sexy Show was going on. Paid THB20 each.
  • 2348hrs – Arrived. We bought 2 GROSS Vodka Coke, 1 delicious Red Wine,
    1 Coke & 2 Beer Chang. All for THB700. Then there were some girls dancing on stage.

13th July 2006

  • 0015hrs – It’s Nad’s Birthday today!! Okay, show started. There were a few performances. Just girls singing & dancing to Thai & Chinese songs.
  • 0120hrs – Show ends & the girls come out to dance again..
    Over here, you can buy some necklaces & give to the girl that you like.
  • 0200hrs – Club closed…
  • 0210hrs – Went to the 7-eleven across (They are everywhere aren’t they?).
    Spoke to a Thai guy who studied in SHATEC!!
  • 0229hrs – Reached our hotel by tuk-tuk @ THB20 each. ZZzzzzz……..
  • 0845hrs – Had our breakfast at Level 10. It was good if I’m not mistaken.
  • 1015hrs – Took tuk-tuk to a market @ Montri Rd 1 for THB15 each.
  • 1030hrs – At the market. Great place for bargains…. you should try!
  • 1245hrs – Reached hotel after covering Montri Rd, Montri Rd 1, Poolsuwan Rd
    & Lee Garden Plaza
    , which was just below our hotel.

  • 1300hrs – Called hotel for a late checkout. We got till 1pm (Thai Time, 1 hr behind).
  • 1400hrs – Check out… *sob-sob*
  • 1430hrs – Took a tuk-tuk to Padang Besar, Thailand (BIG MISTAKE!!!) for THB400!
    Apparently, we thought this option will get us back faster….WRONG!
    Okay, maybe our mistake was because we took the small tuk-tuk.
    Maybe you should try the bigger one, the one that looks like a pick-up)

The small tuk-tuk in Hatyai

  • 1550hrs – Reached Padang Besar, Thailand. We walked from here….
    Oh…the distance……By now, we were already thinking of hitching a ride..(Fat hope!)
  • 1637hrs – Got a cab to Kangar (Thank God!) for RM24.
  • 1708hrs – Back at Putra Palace.
  • 1740hrs – Change again… move off to Alor Star.
    We had to skip Gua Kelam cos we found out that it closes at 6pm.
  • 1831hrs – Stopped by Petronas (Mergong), just before Alor Star.
    Filled up Primax3 which cost us RM60.
  • 1845hrs – Alor Star!! We dropped by at the Menara Alor Star.

  • 2245hrs – Left Alor Star towards Penang.
  • 2359hrs – Plaza Tol Sungei DuaRM11.40

14th July 2006

  • 0019hrs Penang Bridge tollRM7
  • 0143hrs – After searching, we finally settled in at Casuarina Beach Hotel @ Batu Ferringghi.
    We got the ground floor which cost RM169.

  • 0220hrs – Ordered food from the room service
  • 1030hrs – Woke up… Oh! Our night wasn’t so peaceful…
    Nad claimed that she saw a figure flying across the trees when she was sitting outside the room. And I heard fingers screeching on the glass door!!! But hell, we were so tired we couldn’t really care less.
  • 1120hrs – Headed down to the beach just a few metres away..
    We took a ride on a horse for RM30 & took the motor buggy ride (the one which Richie Rich ride on) for RM50 around the beach.

  • 1315hrs – Went back to the hotel to checkout.
  • 1340hrs – Left the hotel to search for food.
  • 1456hrs – Sat at a hawker centre beside the sea.
    Ate Laksa Penang – RM2, Mee Goreng Mama – RM3 , Tomyam Soup – RM8 & Pasembur Rojak – RM4.
    (Hmm…Come to think of it, we eat almost the same things).
  • 1545hrs – Arrived at Chowrasta market. Shopping!!! It’s like Little India over there.
  • 1634hrs – Off to find souvenirs @ Georgetown.
  • 1715hrs – Left the place.. No souvenirs!! I was looking for a Penang Bridge souvenir..
    Is there any??? I want one!!

  • 1748hrs Penang Plaza Tol to take ticket.
  • 1845hrs – Stopped by Petronas Sungai Perak & pumped RM62 worth.
  • 1909hrs Plaza Tol JelupangRM16.80
  • 1917hrs Plaza Tol Pulai to take ticket
  • 2034hrs – Rested at R&R Bernam for drinks & snacks.
  • 2105hrs – Journey continues…
  • 2129hrs Plaza Tol RawangRM23.20
  • 2205hrs – We arrived at Kelip-kelip Kampung Kuantan @ Selangor.

  • 2220hrs – Took a sampan to the river…It was super dark. You couldn’t even see your own hands. But luckily I have my camcorder with me so there was a bit of light. A man rowed us slowly further down the river as we talked.. Nad scared herself by asking whether there was any crocodile in there. He answered yes of course… And she started to worry from then on.. (Serves her right for asking! LOL!)
    After a few minutes of rowing, we were greeted by the most enchanting scene I’ve ever seen. There were small red lights glowing and flickering everywhere! Fireflies!! They were practically flying over, around you, everywhere! I managed to catch one in my hand… 🙂 That was the coolest experience I’ve had so far… (We live in a city, mind you!)
  • 2255hrs – Back at the shore.. I brought one back, cos I wanted to see how it looks like.. But it became weak & I think it died shortly after. I’m so sorry firefly…. I didn’t know..!
  • 2309hrs – Journey continues… We headed to Kuala Lumpur.

15th July 2006

  • 0025hrs – ? Toll – RM1
  • 0039hrs – Toll again – RM2
  • 0300hrs – After searching & squabbling, we managed to check in @ (I’ll get back to u on tt).
  • 1505hrs – Check out. I hate the service & people there. BEWARE! They purposely set their clock faster so when u checkout, you’ll be late & they will charge u for an extra hour. We were late for 10mins their time.. but not our time. CHEATERS!!!!!!!!! RM138 + RM30(extra hours).
  • 1510hrs – Off to BB Plaza.
  • 1532hrs – We are here…
  • 1540hrs – We ate at BB Chicken…. Seriously, I do not understand why Singaporeans likes to eat there & claimed that their chicken rice is nice… I object! But, I absolutely lurveee their Asam Laksa. The best I’ve tasted…(actually it’s the only one I’ve tasted). Oh, now I’m craving for it…. *Slurrrp*
  • 1653hrs – Took back the car,which was parked at Plaza Low YatRM4
  • 1850hrs – Went to Sungei Wang, Lot 10 & Plaza Low Yat @ Bukit Bintang, Their “Orchard Road”.
  • 1904hrs – Parked at Aneeesa HotelRM6
  • 2200hrs – Left after a short walk & after we got ourselves a Ramlee Burger.. (MUST BUY!)
  • 2230hrs – We are at Caltex, opposite Concorde Hotel. Fuel – RM70.
  • 2240hrs – Proceed on. Along the way, we saw fireworks near KLCC. From where we were, what a view! It was such a postcard moment. Anyway, I assumed that the fireworks display has got to do with the Fiesta Makan which was going on there.
  • 2300hrs – We are now at Chow Kit @ Lorong Haji Taib.
  • 2304hrs – We left towards KLCC. There was nothing there anyway. All the shops were closing so we just passed through Lorong Haji Taib 1. There were a lot of transvestites & prostitutes by the way.
  • 2326hrs – We chilled out at KLCC after parking our car there – RM4 per entry. We sat near the fountain & ate our burgers.

16th July 2006

  • 0022hrs – Left towards home.
  • 0120hrs – We got lost again..! I can’t believe it!!! Bloody cops gave us the wrong directions!
    They actually gave us the direction to a dark & secluded carpark! Oh…It’s so hard to trust people nowadays..After steering here & there, we finally reached the toll booth to enter the highway.
  • 0129hrs – Move off after dropping to relieve ourselves after the toll booth.
  • 0301hrs – Stop by R&R Pagoh. We ate Nasi Lemak & Chicken Wing.
  • 0336hrs – We had to leave cos we saw a police car eye-ing our car.
    Jaz & I had left our friends in the back seat with the car locked cos they were sleeping. Haha!
  • 0436hrs Plaza Tol SenaiRM40.90
  • 0443hrs Plaza Tol Lima KedaiRM3.10
  • 0454hrs – Pumped RM70 worth of petrol at the last Petronas before Singapore.
  • 0505hrs Plaza Tol Tanjung KupangRM8.40
  • 0508hrs – Malaysia Immigration
  • 0513hrs – Singapore Immigration – S$3.70
  • 0600hrs – Home Sweet Home!! Zzzzzz………………..

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