Tioman [ Mar 2006 ]

Okay, it’s my first time to Tioman…
Honestly, I have never seen or much more touch a clear turquoise sea water!!
So, I’m pretty much excited for this trip.

28th March 2006

We departed very early in the morning (1st bus) to Mersing from Golden Mile. We had no choice but to leave early in order not to waste our time in Tioman. We reached Mersing at about 1pm and were greeted by a friend who offered to assist us. So he bought us ferry tickets to Tioman Island & brought us around in his car in Mersing. We were brought to Air Papan. It’s a beach with a very far shoreline & a nice view.

After that, we headed back to the ferry terminal to take our boat. Upon reaching the jetty, we were told that the boat had left! Luckily the boatman, who’s a friend of a friend , was kind enough to transfer us to that boat. So the four of us hopped on the boat. Along the way, we saw a stranded boat in the middle of the sea. When we were nearing, we were quite shocked to see a group of people pushing the boat.

To our dismay, we were told that that is the boat that we were supposed to join!!! Darn…..
So the guy dropped us there & we reluctantly transfer all our things, including ourselves to the boat.. Time checked – 1.45pm. So they continued to push and manoeuvre the boat into deeper sea. The problem was that the sea level was so low & the boat was heavy. This caused the boat to be stuck & not able to move. But we were in the middle of the sea, so far away from the shore!!! Well, I guess the tide was super duper low then. Too bad I do not have any pictures to show you how far we were in the sea. I only have it in video. Half an hour later, after much persuasion from us, our two guys also joined in the group to push the boat. Lazy bums !

So they pushed & pushed & pushed till the boat was able to move again. By this time, it was already 3pm. It felt damn long being stuck on the boat.. To our disappointment, the boatman did not bring us straight to Tioman. He transferred us to another boat!! It’s a bigger boat but what the hell….It was anchored! Meaning we had to wait again………. It was very long… But while waiting, as usual, we had some cam-whoring moments. And we met 3 lil’ Singaporean Chinese mixed with German kids. They are soooo adorable…
We played card games together… and many other things…

Finally at 5pm, a boat came to fetch us…. That was the longest 2 hours… So we moved to the boat & continued our journey to our much anticipated destination. The ride was about 45mins. So, we reached our stop close to 6pm. The whole day gone!!! Anyway, we checked in at Panuba Inn.. Great Place…It’s like a hut all to yourself perched on top of a hill. But the distance between one hut to another is quite near. So if you and your neighbour are standing at the balcony, you can talk without even shouting. We got ourselves the Durian Room (Quad Sharing). We didn’t go out tonight. Because our moods were dampened so we just ate dinner, walk around the small area & call it a night. We had a night visitor though.. His name is Jay Bond as named by the owner. 🙂 Cute lil’ fella.

Jay Bond

29th March 2006

We didn’t waste much time here since our day was wasted yesterday. So we got up early in the morning for breakfast & book ourselves a snorkeling session with the hotel. So, we spent half the day, snorkeling, swimming, feeding the fishes with bread… But you’ll have to be careful of the very strong current. I was almost swept away in the middle of the sea. I wasn’t wearing life jacket & flippers at the time & I didn’t even know that I was very far away from the boat. Despite that, overall it was fuuunn!! We were brought to the middle of the sea, Monkey Beach & Marine Park. We took some pictures underwater with the waterproof disposable camera bought @ P.A.D.I. I would post them here but I have no time to scan them yet. The view is gorgeous… We shared the boat with a Caucasian family & we’ve been told that they have been to Maldives & Tioman is a lot more beautiful than Maldives.. Wow! That’s a big compliment for Malaysia…

After snorkeling, we felt like trekking. So, we rested for awhile & about 6pm we went out to trek to the Monkey Beach. We followed the sign that says that it was only 5mins away.. Yeah right! more like forever to me… We walked & walked & walked for half hour but we never reach anywhere. So we gave up & turned back.
Halfway, we stopped when it was almost 7pm at a place that has no name. I think it is a dumping ground cos nearby, there was a lot of trash. No smell, don’t worry! Our new found place was great. We sat at the big rocks, absorbing the nice view… We also saw a super tiny starfish.. 🙂

After about 15 – 20mins of rest, we headed back to our room. Later at night, we went out again to another part of the island called ABC to have our dinner. We took a sampan to charter us to & fro. You will have to consult the resort staff for this service of course. The boatman was a very cute uncle who can’t really hear well. So he practically answers the wrong things whenever we asked him questions. It was a great laugh.. He was a humble & nice man. Very old, but good eyesight.. Been working as a boatman for a very long time. he practically knows where is where even though it was dark. We couldn’t see our own hands!!

30th March 2006

We woke up early for breakfast…while waiting for our boat to arrive. It was time for us to leave, sadly… So, we left for Mersing, where we will be catching a coach back to home. We booked ourselves a coach & ate at a stall at the ferry terminal while waiting.. It was a good few hours. Met a very pitiful kitten.. So I fed it with milk & some food. It was sickly… I tried… After that, we left for home… Another tiring holiday…
* I wonder how the kitten is doing *

From this day onwards, we call ourselves “Fantastic Four”. You wanna know why?
Cos something terrible always happen or something will at least go wrong whenever we set off for a holiday together. And they are BIG problems… LOL!


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