140 Days…..

✅ Bridal

✅ Photography

I still have yet to settle on my wedding venue… People are pressuring me already and I’m still undecided.. My hopes are getting thinner and thinner as one by one, the replies I’m getting is not in my favour.. I will try to list  my choices down in the next few posts when I’m not too busy with work..

Yes, I’m working… (I’ve been bumming for 8 years). Not full-time though..just part-time. 4 hours, 3 days a week. But hey, it is still a job.. My friends teased me about it.. (They still do actually). Been here since the company just started.. So it’s coming 2 years now.. Or maybe a lil past 2 years. Supposed to be temporary till they get more staff but I guess I should start making money during my super-free time instead of sleeping. I’ll story on that later.. So many things to fill up…

I should make a checklist soon…. So many things are left hanging and I’m running out of time.. Sigh.. How time flies…

Ok, it’s bedtime.. 8am now and I need to wake up in 4 hours..


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